February 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1 - I am really drawn to this song.  It was a very similar sentiment that carried me through losing Peter and the early days with JF.  I already knew God was good and my current circumstances weren't going to change that fact.  I'm glad that this song is getting airplay (at least in Central Illinois it is) because I think just about everyone can relate to the words.

2 - Travis bought me tulips the other night. Not because I deserved them or anything just because he loves me and knew I had just experienced a very long day.

 I know I shouldn't really complain because my kids are pretty entertaining.

And even pouting faces can be SO stinkin cute!

3 - Tonight is the Coffee & Chocolate Night - an evening event where Behold Conference volunteers are persuaded to participate by giving them loads of chocolate as payment.  They're also introduced to information about the forthcoming conference. 

In case you missed it, I am not helping with the Behold Conference anymore.  It was hard to walk away from it (like really, really hard) but I felt I needed to in order to better concentrate on having all kinds of babies and a couple of other projects God has sent my way. 

Organizing a conference like Behold was actually a dream of mine from college but one I thought I'd never be able to accomplish.  I am so grateful for the role I played in the first three Beholds and I really hope God will call me back to it in a few years.  But in the meantime I may just go to the Coffee & Chocolate Night so I can eat my heart out and vote for Edith Stein as the patron saint for the 2014 conference.

4 - Who do you thinks gonna win the mug?  pickmepickmepickmeitshouldbemepickme!

5 - A Pinterest find that I wanted to share is this sweet and sour chicken recipe.  I've made it several times for supper and there's never been leftovers.  To make it JF-friendly I prep the chicken with salt and pepper, coat the meat in only the cornstarch and then fry it.  No eggs, dairy, or nuts means the whole family can eat the same meal! I always serve it with broccoli or a bag of frozen stir fry veggies, some rice, and some fruit.  We love it.

6 - Could you all please spare a prayer for me?  There's a couple of special intentions that really need an abundance of prayers.

7 - Travis and I are eagerly awaiting our tax refund.  We've discussed how we'll spend the money with tithing and new socks for the Engstrom family.  Hey - go big or go home.


  1. Ah, the tax refund. Every year it pays the registration fees and "Family Fee" for our family at our parochial school. And, I've been slacking...need to get our taxes done this weekend!

    I hope you win the mug...it would only be fitting.

    I hope to attend the Behold conference next year. I understand how it's difficult to continue doing things like that while having all kinds of babies and other projects. :) I gave up my spot on the PTO board at school when I had #5. I'm on the School Board now, but I think that's something I can continue to handle even with #6 coming along this summer.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Big thumbs up for walking away from something you love and you started. That is HEALTHY! So proud of you! You also are a role model for the people who took your place that this is a service project---not your life, not your definition of self-worth. So do a task for God with love and joy, but then when He asks you to do something else---be obedient to the small whisper in your heart saying "time to move on." Seems very "Behold" to me!

  3. I love tulips. Prayers for you and see you soon!

  4. Prayers for sure. :) Funny thing, I asked Bryon if I could get new trouser socks when we got our refund. Ha!

  5. Prayers! New socks are the best :)

  6. I had not heard that song yet, but it's great. Bawling. :) and praying for you.

  7. Tulips on this winter day are a welcome sight :) Also, prayers are coming from MN!

  8. Prayed! LOL on the socks!

    Anne :)

  9. I'll have you know that I have a post in draft form centered around that song...you beat me to it :)

  10. Tulips are the best! Prayers from Michigan :)

  11. love the entertaining photos...keepers!! and lucky you for getting the flowers...what a thoughtful gift!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if yu can.
    have fun spending the tax refund...when you tithe, it all comes back!

  12. I have to take issue with #2. I think this Travis guy is starting to set the bar a little high. Flowers, fixes things, and understands complicated concepts related to science? Giving the rest of us a bad name... :)

  13. Bonnie, that song. THAT. SONG. I know I don't need to type it all out here, but thank you. Kindred spirits, we are. God bless you this week and next. You're in my prayers :)

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