February 7, 2013

Minor Revision and My Little Ponies

You have probably heard that the last episode of Jennifer Fulwiler's show Minor Revisions will be on tonight at 8pm Central.  You can watch it online, live here on NET tv.

You may also know that the recent winner of the title "Coolest Blogger," Jen is hosting a give-away for one lucky person who tweets during the show using the hashtag #MinorRevisions.  And what is she giving away? This most awesome mug, hand-fashioned (cough, cough) by her husband Joe.

Take in the awesome, which is exemplified by the shiny sunburst behind it.
Now, I realize that I'm pretty not-cool anyways, especially when standing in the shadow of "Coolest Blogger" Jennifer Fulwiler (like the mug, she also has a shiny sunburst about her).  I'm also sure it's a new level of lameness  that all I think is "FLUTTERSHY!" while all the hip, funny, Catholic bloggers chuckle over and vie for the "I defeated the dragon with all my love" mug.

You don't know what I'm talking about?  Well, on the last episode of Minor Revisions Jen's daughter Lucy was giving a clue about Fluttershy and made the comment, "I defeated the dragon with all my love."   (You can watch the embedded clip below to understand - like I do - what Lucy was saying.)  But then the likes of Brandon Vogt, who is deep and thoughtful and witty, embraced the statement as having the same level of meaning as The Hobbit while I was left sitting on my sofa, humming the theme song for my favorite my daughter's favorite show.

At least Lucy appreciates my knowledge of My Little Ponies.  She is welcome at our home any time, to watch with L the almost daily My Little Pony Friendship is Magic marathon that happens.

Which we can all watch together as I sip hot chocolate from my awesome, new mug.


  1. Thank you for this illuminating post! I actually had no idea about the details of that reference. I figured that it must be a reference to the My Little Pony show, but since I'm the kind of stellar parent who goes into my office to surf the web after I plop the kids in front of the television, I'm never sure exactly what they're watching.

    See you tonight! And that mug totally has "BONNIE" written alllllll over it.

    1. WAIT WAIT WAIT do we get extra entries for blogging about this?!?! Or are you accepting bribes?! Because I am 100% sure this mug has "JAMIE" written all over it.

    2. Now I don't feel as bad. Dominic has been watching lots of Netflix and YouTube. Have you ever seen Travel with Kids?!!! It's great and educational! Dominic can tell me a lot about Rome now.... ;)

  2. Bonnie, I defer to your awesomeness. If I win the mug, I will mail it to you!

  3. Now I'm going to have to watch My Little Pony on Netflix because that clip was too friggin cute. It totally counts as parenting research in anticipation of Lucy, right?

  4. I am bummed that I only got to see a few minutes of it tonight! I started the feed and pushed pause so I could watch it later. Then soon after I started playing it, I got rebuffered and it connected me to live programming. :( I hope they decide to archive the full episodes somewhere!