My name is Bonnie and I am a writer, baker, and homemaker. My husband and I had eight kids in twelve years and we are happily-ever-aftering it in the Midwest.  Our home is happy, loud, and seasonally decorated. Over the years I've documented much of our family life here, from gardening, recipes, birthday parties, and everyday life to our part in Venerable Sheen's cause for canonization.

I’m the author of 61 Minutes to a Miracle: Fulton Sheen and a True Story of the Impossible. In the book I share the story of my son James’ stillbirth and how, through the intercession of Venerable Fulton Sheen and for the glory of God, he came back to life after being without a pulse for 61 minutes.  This miracle was approved by the Pope Francis on July 5, 2019 for the beatification of Archbishop Sheen.

My new book is Fulton Sheen and the Very Bad Week. It is the re-telling of various stories from Bishop Sheen’s childhood, as told by him in his autobiography Treasure in Clay. With beautiful illustrations by artist Mariam Khoury Briggs and engaging, relatable storytelling, Fulton Sheen and the Very Bad Week is a great way to introduce children to the beloved Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.

Additionally, I am a writer for Blessed Is She and a pretty much retired speaker. You can also find me on Facebook but my real social media love is Instagram. I hope to see you around!

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