June 4, 2013

Sunday Best

Thanks to Grace for hosting and for keeping things open long enough for me to type up a short, lame little post two days too late.

These pictures are a from Mother's Day and not from this past Sunday.

We took multiple pictures of all four of the kids and me and they were all ridiculous.
But the kids look pretty cute in these pics and I look mmmmkay.

Recently we've discovered that going to the Vigil Mass on Saturday works really well for the kids. After quiet time we give them a good snack, change their clothes, and head to the 5pm Mass. Then we sit in the very front row and  usually all four kids give us B+ behavior or better.

This past Sunday the older three kids were with my parents and Travis went to a 6am Mass so it was just Resa and me at 9am Mass.

Resa's behavior was A+.

And let me tell you why. Because I sat in the foyer. I pulled a misselette from the cry room and sat in the no man's land between the entryway and the sanctuary. I knew that if I sat in a pew I'd struggle the whole Mass to keep Resa in my arms or right near me and I am too tired and too big and too over it all to do that. So I let her wander about and babble and I didn't stress at all. I sat through most of the Mass and I didn't care at all. I said all the responses, all by myself, and I didn't care at all.  It was great.

Not that I'm advocating for sitting in the foyer every Sunday, but this past Sunday it was exactly what I needed. So glad I did it. 


  1. Don't feel bad about getting the chance to go to Sunday Mass all by yourself. I was able to about a month ago and it was just lovely. Even though I almost passed out walking to communion because of low blood sugar? low blood pressure? I don't know..that could've been bad since I was all by myself, but luckily I didn't pass out, no ambulance had to be called, and I had an overall good Sunday Mass! Yes!

  2. Good for you. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break. Especially while pregnant!

  3. You look so much better than "mmmkay"! And your kids are so sweet!