January 29, 2013

I needed a pep talk

... and I got one.

Have you seen this video?  If you haven't, watch it before you finish reading. 

I watched and laughed and cried and felt like Kid President was talking to me.  Just to me.  (Even though he is clearly talking to Gabbi, who likes pancakes and is fighting cancer - like a boss!)

In my post How November Shook Me up for January I shared how discouraged I feel and how worried I am that despite my best efforts I'm not doing much to make the world a better place.  In fact, I've shared that sentiment a lot lately.

And then this video came out.
Kid President's cuteness, humor, use of Journey lyrics, and fantastic dancing made me realize a few things.

"We were made to be awesome."
If anything, what I've been through with JF should validate that there is beauty and goodness even in the darkest of times.  We were made to be awesome and it really is within our reach. 

 "We can cry about it or we can dance about it."
Life is good. I have periods of time where I feel discouraged/disappointed/downtrodden but for the most part I am happy. In fact, I would say that I live a joyful life.  I should be dancing.

"Create something that will make the world awesome."
My Space Jam really is my kids, my family, my home.  With Travis and God I have already made something that does make the world awesome.  I just need to foster those kiddos, tickle them, read to them, dance with them, tell them I love them... tell them that they make the world awesome.

I think it's okay to have bad days and to upset about things.  I don't regret that I felt or wrote those things.  In fact writing about them and being supported by you all helped me dust myself off, get myself to confession, and appreciate the fact that I am living my dream - of being happily married to an awesome man and being a stay at home mom.  It's not a stupid dream; I don't have to change it.  I just needed to get back to a place where I could appreciate it.

So - you- yeah you!  What's your Space Jam?


  1. That is a really cute video. I think it's normal to go through periods where we are kind of "in a funk" about life and need to re-discover our Space Jam. Like you, it's the children I come back to...they really are the most butt-kicking version of awesome. There are other things that make my world awesome, but watching them dance takes my breath away.

  2. I'm showing this to my staff next week. I have watched it 3 times now and I can't stop relating it to something different in my life each time. What a great message.

  3. That's why I have so much hope for the future. I think we are raising a new generation of people that will approach the world differently.

  4. You need a like button! I feel that sharing both our good moments and our sorrowful ones is what makes us real. What a great video! We all need a pep talk at times.

  5. Thanks for this. Today I cried instead of dancing. Tomorrow, I will dance :)

  6. Oh my, oh my, oh my!! I cannot stop playing every one of his little phrases over and over in my mind. I love this so much. Thank you! I'm sharing it on my FB page! :)