November 21, 2010

7 quick takes

I know that it's Sunday night and not Friday.  What can I say?  Oops?

My middle child likes to take off his pants, especially his pajama pants.  I hope this is a phase he grows out of.

JF hasn't been tubed a feeding since Thursday the 11th, which was only an ounce to finish off a feeding that he had fallen asleep during.  After that feeding I realized it was stupid to give him an ounce when he fell asleep.  He's gaining weight, he likes a bottle, why not just let him make up the ounce later?  And so Thursday it will be two weeks of no feeding tube.  How awesome is that?!  The surgeon's office said if he goes two months of not using the g tube (which means we'll have to stop using the tube for seizure med and begin giving that orally) and all doctors are in agreement, we can have the tube taken out.  This makes me happy because I would really like to blow raspberries on my son's belly. 

L's verbal skills continues to amaze me.  For example today she said, "I'll stop whining, and then we can go to Old McDonald's.  I'll be super duper hungry, and when I've eaten all my food I can go down the slide!  How 'bout that?!"

Congratulations goes out to the Heads, who recently go the phone call they've been dreaming of for a long time - a birth mother chose them to parent her unborn child!  How awesome is that?!  They have a beautiful post about it.  Here's a snippet:
It is so amazing to see His plan unfold after so long of questioning if He really had one...

I want to thank everyone for the comments they left on the previous post.  Clare, I especially want to thank you for standing up for me and for providing some really good information on why a woman chooses home birth.  I also want to thank you, Jessica, for talking about the elephant in the room.  I know there are many, many people who never understood why we choose home birth in the first place and - believe me - the unspoken "I told you so"s are deafening at times.  As a former English major, I think of the hospital birth vs. home birth a little like post colonial literature.  Hospital birth is what is modern, civil, standard, and what we do in this culture.  Home birth is the "other" - for some people the exotic other and for others the savage other.  It is unknown, dangerous, backwards, uncivilized.  Of course this is only an analogy, and a pretty flawed one, especially since most of you didn't study literary theories.  But in the end I think I've given up on trying to have pro-hospital folks understand my side.

I'm gonna blog about Advent soon.  I'll probably tick some of you off. 

But before we get to Advent, let's talk about Thanksgiving.  I say on Wednesday night / Thursday we all post about what we're thankful for.  Let's make a good long list, that includes things like health insurance, neonatalogists, children, parents, Dr. Pepper, chai tea, chocolate...  I could keep going up I need to save something for Thursday.  Maybe I'll even have a linky thingy...


  1. Bonnie - I just want to say one thing...I love you! Not to sound too weird or anything :)

  2. Bonnie,
    I cannot tell you how touched I am by your previous couple of posts. You have such an eloquence and presence. You and Travis and James have been in my heart and prayers since the very beginning. Every day. I am so grateful that you are at peace. You should be. James is truly an instrument of God. God Bless you all this Thanksgiving. And, I hope to get to see you next time...with a hopeful and prayerful heart,
    Kim Salmon

  3. I can confirm that Lydia's verbal skills are amazing and ADORABLE. I can't remember anything specific she said while she was here last week, but there were a couple times when my jaw dropped because she said something so clear. She can be so quiet, so it always surprises me when she opens her mouth and these perfectly formed sentences come out! :-)