May 7, 2007

We Need Hangers

Things I Didn't Know to Expect:
- How much I would miss my maiden name. I've mourned the loss of that name with every "F" I've written.
- That the laundry would multiply. I used to do one load once a week. Now we can do five loads once a week for just two people!
- How often I would vacuum and clean the kitchen. Crumbs on the floor and crumbs on the counters! I told Travis we were at war with crumbs, and that while we'd lost a few battles we could easily turn things around and be triumphant. But I don't think he believes me.
- That I would gain 7 lbs. I need to live with women who watch what they eat again.
- That Travis would always have about 8 clean shirts that would need to be hung up. But because we don't have enough hangers, and because he's super picky about the kind of hangers he'll use and how much he'll spend on them, those 8 shirts will just sit in a pile until he dirties 8 other shirts and then has enough hangers.
- That I would want to pull weeds and buy hanging plants.
- That the way I brush my teeth could actually weird someone out. (I'm "sloppy" with foamy toothpaste all around my mouth.)
- That I could enjoy someone's personality as much as I do Travis'.
- That the way you imagine things will feel (buying a home, paying off a loan) is only a shadow of how it really is.

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